Digital Marketing Minute May 16th, 2016

Every week we share trends and articles on digital marketing. Posted on Monday, May 16 in Digital Trends.

Content Marketing

7 Best Practices for Content Marketing in 2016 

by Tahir Akbar, Business 2 Community 
Content marketing has dramatically changed over the past five years. It has gone way beyond merely creating and publishing content, to a full-fledged and full-funnel marketing program. 

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Target Audience

5 Target Audiences to Consider Besides Millennials 

by Kailee VanDamia |  Social Media Marketing 
If you’re not sure [all] Millennials are really your target audience, let me introduce you to 5 others that can really help you to achieve your social media goals. 

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Social Media Marketing

15 Surefire Ways To Boost Your Social Media Marketing in Under an Hour 

by Ash Read, Buffer Social 
Social media management can be extremely time-consuming. But there are also so many ways to boost your social media marketing and improve your social media profiles in just a few minutes. 

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