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Discover the power of video and how you can integrate into your strategy. Posted on Tuesday, March 1 in Making Your Marketing Work.

In 1980, The Buggles famously lamented on both MTV and radio that video killed the radio star. 36 years later, video is again on a tear, but this time in the advertising sector, focusing on its old ally, traditional television, as its next target. 

182% – Forecasted increase in US total digital video ad spending (desktop + mobile) from 2014-2019

91% – Businesses that report they plan to increase or maintain their video spending in 2016

64% - Businesses that use video and believe that it has directly led to increased sales

Digital video can be a powerful advertising tool, but much like the music industry saw in the '80s, its growth has driven complexity in the marketplace. To be successful:

Be savvy about the environment in which your message will run, and tailor visuals, messaging, and screen size to how customers engage with the content (swipe, click, tap, auto-play, audio on or off, etc.).
Maximize the impact of your message within a 5-15 second spot to reach audiences with shortened attention spans.

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